Reducing Information Ecosystem Threats (RIET) Lab

The Reducing Information Ecosystem Threats (RIET) Lab researches some of the most vexing threats to democratic nations, including disinformation, weaponized controversy, trust erosion on- and offline, and botnets, from a computational perspective. We use state-of-the-art technologies and collect petabyte-scale datasets from social networks.

Our research focuses on threats to the information ecosystem online and to healthy public discourse from an information retrieval lens, informed by insights from the social sciences. Upcoming projects address the connections between m/disinformation and weaponized controversy, online and in social networks; and utilizing cybersecurity and graph theoretic approaches to detect malicious actors. Additionally, our research addresses fairness and bias in medicine. The RIET lab tackles these research questions from an AI ethics, fairness & safety perspective.

Director: Dr. Shiri Dori-Hacohen


  • Dr. Dori-Hacohen named to 2023 D-30 Disability Impact List
    We are delighted to share that Dr. Dori-Hacohen has been named to Diversability’s 2023 D-30 Disability Impact List! Diversability said Dr. Dori-Hacohen “is a leading advocate for neurodiversity” and called out her success in infusing her research with an intersectional lens based on her lived experiences as a disabled faculty member and PI. The full honoree […]
  • Announcing BRIMI: Bias Reduction In Medical Information
    We are delighted to announce that our project, BRIMI: Bias Reduction In Medical Information, has been awarded NSF funding under their Fairness in AI program! This recognition highlights the lab’s pioneering work in using artificial intelligence to detect and mitigate biased health information, particularly impacting minoritized groups. BRIMI’s innovative approach will contribute to equity in […]
  • Announcing FACT-CHAMP: Convergence Accelerator 2021 Awardee
    We are delighted to announce that our project, FACT-CHAMP, was awarded the NSF Convergence Accelerator’s 2021 Cohort Phase I Award! FACT CHAMP (Fact-checker, Academic, and Community Collaboration Tools) is a vital initiative addressing online misinformation and racially targeted hate speech, led by fact-checking non-profit Meedan. By fostering collaboration among fact-checkers, non-profits, researchers, and community leaders, […]

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